Our approach is simple. Baseline research, measurable goals, outstanding results.


Our mantra is simpler. Results equal return on investments.


Walls CommunicationsEstablished in 1993, Walls Communications is one of the oldest, largest and most successful African-American public relations firms in the nation.

We specialize in several facets of communications and we have delivered effective campaigns and counsel to many of the nation’s leading companies and non-profit organizations.

Based in the Washington, DC-area, Walls Communications has built an experienced team of former corporate executives, journalists, public relations experts and political appointees.

The company offers services in public relations, media relations, broadcast services, crisis communications management, strategic counsel and diversity communications.


What can Walls Communications do for you?


Public relations.

Our professionals take great pride in developing and implementing effective public relations strategies that assist you in achieving short, mid and long-term organizational goals. We know that the best results come from true partnerships with our clients and from integrated strategies designed to achieve measurable goals.

Since the firm’s creation, Walls Communications has established a proven record of providing superior and innovative public relations services to an array of corporate and nonprofit clients. Walls Communications has consistently met the challenge of offering custom-tailored services to clients from such diverse areas as banking, telecommunications, energy, food service, health care and civil rights.

Designing impact-driven strategies, identifying key target groups, developing valuable relationships, these are the trademarks of “Results PR.”


Media relations.

Outreach to the news media, particularly African-American media, is a significant element of Walls Communications’ communications approach. The firm maintains ongoing relationships with both mainstream and minority media organizations nationwide.

Walls Communications develops press releases, fact sheets, speeches, talking points, press statements and Q&As to support all media activities. We also assist in the development and placement of Op-Eds and letters to the editor of local and national newspapers and magazines.


Broadcast services.

Walls Communications offers an audio news service that provides radio stations nationwide with news actualities, sound bites, interviews and commentaries. Services also include production and distribution of audio news releases, radio media tours, and satellite (television) media tours and commercials.


Crisis communications management.

We have established a track record of helping to solve the problems that keep our clients up at night. Whether you want to advance an issue or respond immediately and effectively to a crisis, we are prepared to assist your organization to meet its communications challenges.

Walls Communications can help improve your industry network and is committed to leveraging our relationships with influential national organizations and the millions of individuals touched by these groups to address your public relations challenges.


Strategic counsel.

The experiences of Walls Communications professionals include program and policy analysis, print and broadcast journalism, marketing and international relations. Based on the firm’s collective diverse knowledge and skills, clients consistently benefit from the best counsel and advice in the business.

We take the time to get to know your business. We make the time to get results. Walls Communications is a respected leader in marrying expertise and industry intelligence to give our clients the edge they need.


Diversity communications.

Walls Communications has distinguished itself in the area of diversity communications for both high profile and isolated situations in a variety of industry environments. We have assisted in the development of diversity communication plans designed to value individual differences and to leverage those differences to improve organizational stability, increase effectiveness and establish competitive advantage.